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Summary of SCRI-funded research results from year 3 of the project. It was developed from updated reports and presentations at the 11/2012 SWD Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting.
Dichotomous Key (courtesy of ODA) SWD ID Card (courtesy of UC Berkeley and UC Cooperative Extension) Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)...
Page provides links to information regarding chemical control of SWD.
Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook -- This handbook is updated annually and provides control recommendations for a wide range of...
Five-page document describing biology, European distribution, symptoms of infestation, monitoring, and control of SWD
NW Berry & Grape Information Network is a comprehensive online resource for berry and grape production practices, research, and marketing.
OSU Extension Service document EM8991.pdf Authors: Amy Dreves; Vaughn Walton; Glenn Fisher 2009 OSU Extension Service document describes the basic life cycle of D. suzukii and gives preliminary management strategies, potential horticultural impact, and contact information for research entomologists.