Assistant Professor of Breeding & Molecular Genetics - Blueberries & Specialty Crops

Ph.D. Degree
Wed, 10/01/2014

This position is 80% research and 20% academic. North Carolina is a major producer of blueberries in the country with an estimated annual value of over $71,000,000. The candidate will be expected to develop a nationally and internationally recognized research and breeding program focusing primarily on blueberry and other fruit/specialty crops as needed, use traditional and genomic-based approaches to develop new varieties for North Carolina and southeastern US growers; provide intellectual and strategic support to projects working to integrate high throughput phenotyping and genomic-based breeding approaches into crop development; teach one 3 hour credit course per year, or the equivalent number of short courses, in small fruit production, plant breeding or applied genomics; establish collaborative partnerships with faculty based at NCSU, as well as with other universities, federal agencies and the private sector; provide input to NC commodity industries on blueberry and other fruit/specialty crops and participate in annual field days and commodity meetings; establish a rigorous, nationally, and internationally recognized, extramurally funded research program; publish research results in relevant peer reviewed publications; maintain a dynamic web presence, and chair and serve on graduate student committees.