Brooke Edmunds
Assistant Professor (Practice), Community Horticulture Extension

My focus is on meeting the community horticulture needs in Linn, Benton and Lane counties.  In this role, I oversee the Master Gardener programs in each county. I also coordinate research-based educational programs in community food systems and IPM.


Benton County
Lane County
Linn County
Department of Horticulture
Linn County Extension Office
33630 McFarland Rd
Tangent, OR 97389-9627
United States
(541) 730-3470


I was born in Roseburg, OR and grew up in Vancouver, WA and Chicago, IL.  I earned a BS in Plant Health and Protection and an MS in Plant Pathology from Iowa State University and a PhD in plant pathology from North Carolina State University.  I've worked as a Regional Extension Specialist for Colorado State University and a Plant Pathologist for the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Outreach and Extension

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