Christmas Tree Resources at Oregon State University

Chal Landgren on a christmas tree farmThe Christmas Tree program at OSU receives valuable assistance from crop specialists and Extension agents from a number of disciplines and locations across OSU. Recent retirements and position changes have thinned these ranks beginning in 2012. This type of web resource will likely become a prime source of information in trying to maximize scarce time and budgets.

Chal Landgren is the OSU Extension Christmas Tree Specialist for Oregon. His program covers information from site preparation through harvest. Current extension and research efforts include sustainability certification, tree selection/breeding and fertilization.

Latest Publication available for purchase:

Identifying and Managing Christmas Tree Diseases, Pests, and Other Problems PNW 659


IPM in Christmas Trees Workshop Materials

IPM-A conceptual and practical overview, Paul Jepson-OSU

IPM and Pesticides, Bruce Alber-Wilbur Ellis

Developing a treatment plan, Chal Landgren-NWREC-OSU

Identifying Root Rot in Conifers, Kathleen M. McKeever-WSU Puyallup Research & Extension Center


Associations and Organizations:

Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association

National Christmas Tree Association

Soil & Water Conservation Districts

ODA Pitch and Needle Newsletters

Production and Management:

Christmas Tree Nutrient Management Guide

Pest Management Strategic Plan for Christmas Trees in Oregon, Washington and Idaho

Growing Christmas Trees in the Pacific Northwest-PNW 6 publication

Buy-Sell Directory and Resource Guide


Industry Statistics and Regulations:

NASS/National Agricultural Statistics Service-

Christmas Tree Shipping Regulations

Christmas tree specialist, Chal Landgren, gives an update of shipping and exporting issues, disease and pest management and current resources for growers.
A report on a current marketing outreach campaign which partners Christmas tree growers in Oregon and Washington with Oregon State University extension agents to promote real Christmas trees in major consumer markets.
Researchers report on a study conducted to test the efficacy of soil additives in promoting plant growth and reducing mortality. The species included in the trial were Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Endless Summer’, Berberis thunbergii ‘Rose Glow’, and noble fir (Abies procera).
A discussion about live plant imports as an important invasion pathway for non-native plant pests. The authors discuss the effect of current regulation, the need for updated regulation, and the recent and proposed changes to plant import regulation.
A systems approach for the production of healthy nursery stock. The manual, published by the Oregon Association of Nurseries, is divided into 3 main parts. A systems approach introduction, voluntary best practices for your nursery, and the next step: systems approach certification.
Fumigation treatments (a conventional methyl bromide – chloropicrin application and reduced-rate alternative fumigant treatments) and a nonfumigated treatment were evaluated at forest nurseries in Oregon and Washington for their effects on soil pathogen populations, weeds, and seedling morphology.
In an attempt to identify Pythium species (common dampening off pathogens) associated with forest nursery soils, field surveys were conducted at three forest nurseries (two in Oregon and one in Washington) in 2008 using three isolation methods.
Research was conducted at Oregon State University North Willamette Research and Extension Center with the objective of determining whether the addition of foliar fertilization would benefit a Christmas tree plantation or container-grown conifer operation.
Final report on research project comparing different methods of fertilization of field grown conifers and also containerized conifers. Study covers methods used, products tested and results obtained.
A helpful publication for anyone considering growing Noble Fir Christmas trees or for current growers. Covers cost of production and provides necessary tools for financial management and decision making.