Conservation Biological Control

Mature Hedgerows at Kenagy Family Farms, Albany, ORThe Conservation Biological Control (CBC) program at Oregon State University is led by members of the Integrated Plant Protection Center (IPPC). The IPPC was formed in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University (OSU) in 1967, and has been conducting research and outreach in a state, national and international setting ever since.

The program consists of

  • Farmer-to-farmer information exchanges
  • Farm walks and demonstrations of techniques
  • On-farm research and development
  • Emphasis on farm planning as well as the techniques themselves

To learn more and find information on upcoming farm walks, events, and publications go to the Farmscaping for Beneficials website.

2011 South Central Idaho Tour

The 3rd Annual Biodiversity Working for Farmers Tour took place June 23, 2011. Two established, and very distinct south central Idaho farms (totaling over 3000 acres combined) were visited by 35 regional policy makers, farmers, industry personnel, conservationists and researchers. Farmers led the group through farms surrounded by diverse habitats from dry sage steppe to high prairie wetlands highlighting habitat enhancement practices they have implemented and their impacts on farm production, economic viability, area sustainability and quality of life for themselves and future generations of farmers.

The tour was sponsored by the USDA Western Region IPM Center's Functional Agro-biodiversity Work Group (FAB Work Group).

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