Courses in Turfgrass Management at Oregon State University

Brian McDonald, Turfgrass Research Assistant, demonstrating mower operation use with an OSU undergraduate

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Students interested in turfgrass learn contemporary production and management practices that include plant biology and genetics, soils, ecology, and economics, with applications in plant nutrition, pest management, business, and marketing.

Learning to manage real-world dilemmas with case studies, field trips, and internships encourages students to interact with golf course superintendents, athletic field managers, lawn care representatives, and turfgrass consultants. Relevant courses include:

Hort 112 Introduction to Horticultural Systems, Practices, and Careers – 2 credits
Overview of horticultural systems and practices, with an emphasis on the Pacific Northwest. Exploration of career opportunities in horticulture. Includes viticulture, environmental landscaping, turf management, greenhouse and nursery production, farming, education, and research.

Hort 314 Principles of Turfgrass Maintenance – 4 credits
Identification and adaptation of common turfgrasses. Physiology of turfgrass growth and response to cultural and environmental stresses. Cultural practices including establishment, general maintenance, and pest control.

Hort 360 Landscape Construction: Irrigation and Drainage – 4 credits
Surface grading/drainage techniques and structures; principles and techniques of landscape and turf irrigation.

Hort 405 Turf Pest Management – 3 credits
Identification/control of turfgrass diseases, weeds, and insects. Emphasizes integrated cultural/chemical management methods.

Hort 418 Golf Course Maintenance – 4 credits
Basic aspects of golf course maintenance under temperate zone conditions.

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