Dan M. Sullivan


Soil quality
Cover crop
Nutrient cycling
Manure management.
Dan M. Sullivan
Professor, Nutrient Management

Program Goals

  1. Investigating and improving on-farm management practices for organic nutrient sources such as manure, municipal biosolids, and compost
  2. Providing Extension clientele and students with actionable research-based information to guide soil fertility and nutrient management decisions

Projected Program Outcomes

  1. Enhanced profitability for farmers
  2. Protection of surface and groundwater from nitrogen and phosphorus contamination
  3. More recycling of nutrients, less waste to be burned or landfilled
  4. Improved soil quality
OSU Campus
Department of Crop and Soil Science
3045 Ag & Life Sciences Building
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States
(541) 737-5715


SOIL 515 - Soil Fertility Management (Syllabus)


    Ph.D. – Soil Science, Kansas State University, 1990
    M.S. – Soil Science, Oregon State University, 1981
    B.S. – Horticulture, Oregon State University, 1977

I accept graduate students for Crop and Soil Science

Outreach and Extension

Integrated Research and Extension Projects

Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculator

Organic Blueberry Production Research Project 

Municipal biosolids research and Extension (PNW) 

Nutrient Management for sweet corn

NIFA multi-state projects

Minimizing phosphorus loss in agriculture  SERA-17  

WERA-103, Nutrient Digest newsletter

Extension publications

Municipal Biosolids Management

Fertilizing with biosolids. PNW508-E.  

Worksheet for calculating biosolids application rates in agriculture. PNW511-E.

Toward Quality Biosolids Management: A Trainer’s Manual

Nutrient Mangement: Testing and Interpretation

Eastern Oregon Liming Guide. EM 9060. 

Applying Lime to Raise Soil pH for Crop Production (Western Oregon). EM 9057.

Soil Acidity in Oregon: Understanding and Using Concepts for Crop Production. EM 9061. Oregon State University Extension Service. 

Soil test interpretation guide.  EC1478-E.  

Evaluating Soil Nutrients and pH by Depth in Situations of Limited or No Tillage in Western Oregon. EM 9014-E. 

Managing Irrigation Water Quality for Crop Production in the Pacific Northwest. PNW 597-E.

Managing Salt-Affected Soils for Crop Production. PNW 601-E.

Monitoring soil nutrients using a management unit approach. PNW 570-E. 

Nitrogen Uptake and Utilization by Pacific Northwest Crops. PNW 513.

Nutrient Management Guides

Nutrient management for sweet corn (western Oregon). EM 9010-E.

Nutrient management for peppermint (western Oregon). EM 9018-E.

Fertilizer Guide: Bareroot Shade, Flowering, and Fruit Trees (Willamette Valley). EM 9013-E.

Nutrient management for onions in the Pacific Northwest. PNW 546. 

Nutrient Management for silage corn in western Oregon. EM 8978-E.

Nutrient Management: Manure  

Estimating plant-available nitrogen from manure. EM 8954-E.   

Manure application rates for forage production. EM 8585-E.  

Agricultural phosphorus management using the Oregon/Washington Phosphorus Indexes. EM 8848-E. 

Post-harvest soil nitrate testing for manured cropping systems in west of the Cascades. EM 8832.  


Reducing lead hazard in home gardens and landscapes. EC1616-E. 

Backyard composting. EB 1784-E. Washington State University Cooperative Extension.   

Mulching woody ornamentals with organic materials. 1629-E. 

Vegetable gardening in Oregon. EC871.

Improving garden soils with organic matter. EC 1561.  

Nutrient Management: Small Farms

Fertilizing with yard trimmings. WSU EB1926E. 

Agricultural Composting and Water Quality.  EM9053.

Estimating plant-available nitrogen release from cover crops. PNW636.  

Estimating Nitrogen Mineralization in Organic Potato Production. EM8949-E.  

Fertilizing with manure. PNW 533.  

Awards and Honors


     2015 ASA Educational Materials Awards Program - Publications; circular, fact sheet, brochure (over 16 pages). Dan M. Sullivan*, Craig G. Cogger, and Andy I. Bary. Pacific Northwest Extension publication 508.