Dr. Cherre Sade Bezerra Da Silva receives award

Dr. Cherre Sade Bezerra Da Silva receives award
I’m Pedro Molina Sanchez, Social Media Coordinator of the Oregon State University Postdoctoral Association (OPA). I’m excited inform you that one postdoc working in the OSU Department of Horticulture has been awarded with an OPA Fall 2016 Professional Development Awards (PDAs).
Five of these awards are given each year, two in the Spring and three in the Fall, to OSU postdocs for projects aimed at advancing their professional skills in researching, teaching, and mentoring. The proposals describing those projects are submitted by the postdocs themselves and are supported by their academic mentors. Each award is worth $1000, a sum that the postdoc may only use for their incurring expenses as stated in their project proposal.
Dr. Cherre Sade Bezerra Da Silva is the postdoctoral researchers awarded with one PDA. Clicking on this link will take you to an online copy of the flyer we have made to announce the award winners. Please feel free to have this flyer featured, if you wish to do so, on the department website and/or social media outlets.
We, at the OPA, believe that postdocs make a vital contribution to OSU and, especially, to the impact OSU makes through its outstanding academic output. It is part of our mission to broadcast and highlight the accomplishments of OSU postdoctoral researchers to the OSU community and we hope we will find support from your office on this mission in this particular occasion.

Many thanks! Pedro

Pedro Molina Sánchez, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
Communications Chair of the OSU Postdoctoral Association



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