Goat herd ‘hired’ to remove invasive species from campus

Briana Murphy may not carry a crooked staff, but with a blonde braid slung over one shoulder and a straw hat firmly perched on her head, she wears the title of shepherdess well. Standing in front of her herd of goats as they graze on ivy in front of the Crop Science Building on the Oregon State University campus, she jokes about chasing a particularly stubborn escape artist across a golf course for two hours. That goat was subsequently ‘fired.’

Murphy has owned her own sustainable landscape management business, “Goat Power,” for three years, and takes her herd of around 40 goats across Oregon and Washington to help property owners combat invasive plants with a natural, and furry solution. She’s worked everywhere from vineyards to apartment complexes, tackling all kinds of tricky situations with her hooved co-workers.

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