Horticulture Members Recognized by College of Agricultural Sciences and the Agricultural Research Foundation

2013 Agricultural Research Foundation Distinguished Faculty Award: Shawn Mehlenbacher

2013 Savery Outstanding Young Faculty Award: Ryan Contreras

2013 James and Mildred Oldfield/ER Jackman Team Award: the Spotted Wing Drosophila Project.
Linda Brewer, Preston Brown (MCAREC), Flaxen Conway (Sociology), Daniel Dalton, Joseph DeFrancesco (IPPC), Amy Dreves, Amanda Ohrn (Crop & Soil Science), Dan Hilburn (ODA), Joe Kleiber, Jimmy Klick, Gail Langellotto, Jana Lee (ARS), John McQueen, Betsey Miller, Jeffrey Miller, Tom Peerbolt (Peerbolt Crop Management), Peter Shearer (MCAREC), Bernadine Strik, Sam Tochen, Vaughn Walton, Wei Yang (NWREC). 

2013 Agricultural Research Foundation  Faculty Research Assistant Award: Carolyn Breece

2013 College of Agricultural Sciences Excellence in Extension Education Award: Steve Renquist