Increasing the Nutrient Use Efficiency of Snap Beans (2014)

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The overall objective of this multi-year project is to maximize nutrient use efficiency without compromising bean yield and quality. This year’s project objectives were to: 1) evaluate crop response to P fertilizer at current soil P test levels in grower fields; 2) generate phosphorus (P) potassium (K), and nitrogen (N) nutrient budgets (fertilizer inputs vs. harvest removal); and 3) evaluate relationships among bean root rot disease, plant P uptake, biomass allocation (pods vs. leaves).
Peachey_SnapBeanPhos_Continuing.pdf1.12 MB

2014 research report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission

PI Ed Peachey
OSU Dept. of Horticulture

Co-PI Aaron Heinrich
OSU Dept. of Horticulture

Dan Sullivan
OSU Dept. Crop and Soil Science


Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission, Processed Vegetable Production, Beans, Willamette Valley, Soil and nutrient management