The Department of Horticulture requires that all undergraduates complete an internship or experience approved by the Academic Advisor, or a research project in a horticulture-related job before graduation. Financial assistance for internship expenses such as travel and lodging, and to supplement income for low or non-paying internships, is available through the E.R. Jackman Internship Support Program.

Completing an internship provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience while receiving credit for their work. During the internship, students apply the science and theory that they have learned in courses to real world situations.

Specific objectives of the internship program for students:

  • Experience working in a horticultural or closely related industry
  • Critically analyze horticultural business operations
  • Develop manual skills - use equipment, learn techniques, etc.
  • Develop confidence and leadership ability while working with others
  • Determine whether a student has a real interest in the field
  • Develop personal contact with leaders in the industry
  • Develop job placement opportunities
  • Apply theory to actual work experience
  • Identify gaps in the student's own educational program
  • Prepare a personal resume and experience aspects of seeking employment, such as interviewing
  • Earn 6 or 12 credit hours towards graduation (Hort 410)

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