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Laurent Deluc
Associate Professor, Grape Genomics

my research focuses on abiotic stress physiology of grapes and metabolomic links to fruit and wine quality. This involves developing an approach to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms that govern the grape berry ripening process.

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OSU Campus
Department of Horticulture
Oregon Wine Research Institute
4017 Ag and Life Sciences Bldg
Corvallis, OR 97331-7304
United States
(541) 737-4356


Since 2010, we have developed a scientific project that uses as model the asynchronous cluster of Pinot Noir cultivar. As many fruits growing in a cluster, grapes suffer from developmental variability that is at the greatest at the onset of ripening also named véraison (french viticulturist name that means “change of color of grape berries”). The goal of the project is to identify the molecular factors that are responsible for the reduction of developmental variability towards maturity.

In grapevine, quality of grape composition at harvest relies on the subtle ratio between vegetative and reproductive growth, also named vine balance. In cool climate regions, the excess of water and nitrogen in the soils tends to maintain high vine vigor in vineyards, which favor vegetative vigor. We developed a research project aimed at understanding the relationships between vegetative and reproductive growth under reduced vine vigor conditions. Our project focuses on the quantification of several classes of hormones that are involved in the growth of expanding shoots and developing berries during the growing season


Special Topics 499/599: Introduction to Plant Secondary Metabolism

Plants synthesize a wide variety of compounds that are traditionally classified as primary and secondary metabolites. Unlike primary metabolites, absence of secondary metabolites does not result in immediate death. Yet, they are structurally diverse and may accumulate in high concentrations in some species. In this course, students will learn their function in plants, such as protection from herbivores and microbial infection or UV, attraction for seed dispersal, and transduction of signals in the formation of nitrogen-fixing root nodules in legumes. In the recent years the role of some secondary metabolites has become an increasingly important area of human nutrition research as well, because of their phytochemical properties (anti-oxidants, anti-cancer, anti-aging), which will also be mentioned in the course. Students will learn classification of secondary metabolites based on their biosynthetic origins: (i) flavonoids, (ii) terpenoids and (iii) nitrogen-containing alkaloids and sulfur-containing compounds. Their structures, functions and their regulations will be investigated with scrutiny in this course. This course will also provide examples of application of secondary metabolite engineering to improving crop traits including their role as protective dietary constituents. Formal lectures and discussions of the current literature will focus on the many different aspects of plant secondary metabolism.




2004    Ph.D., Plant Science, University of Bordeaux I, Bordeaux, France.  
Dissertation title: Identification of two regulatory genes associated with control of phenolic compounds throughout grape berry development.

1996    M.S., Integrative Biology in Forestry, University of Nancy I, France.
Dissertation title: Chemotoxomic specificities of fatty acid compositions in coniferous seed oils

1995    B.S., Biology of Populations, University of Bordeaux I, France.

June 2009-present          Assistant Professor, Department of Horticulture, Oregon State University.
2005-2006        Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Nevada, Reno.  
2006-2009        Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Nevada, Reno.  
2003-2004    Instructor, University of Bordeaux I Courses: Biochemistry, Genetics and Plant Gene Engineering.
2000-2004        PhD Assistant, INRA, Villenave d’Ornon, France.
1999-2000        Researcher Assistant, University of Bordeaux I, Bordeaux, France.

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Refereed paper:

Since at OSU:
Satyanarayana Gouthu**, Yanming Di, and Laurent G. Deluc (2012) – Transcriptional evidence of ripening synchronization between developmentally different grape berry classes in Pinot Noir cultivar – In preparation.

Satyanarayana Gouthu**, Di Y, Jaiswal P, Naithani S, and Laurent G. Deluc (2012) - Genome -wide arrays at the onset of grape berry ripening reveals a coordinated hormone-regulated transcriptional network.- In preparation.

Satyanarayana Gouthu**, Patricia S Skinkis, Jeff Morre, Claudia S Maier, Laurent G. Deluc (2012) – Cover crop-altered vine nitrogen status and its effect on growth hormones and amino acid content of Pinot Noir berries – Accepted to Food Chemistry

Imène Ichri, Laurent G. Deluc, Francois Barrieu, Jochen Bogs, Ali Mahjoub, Farid Regad, Bernard Gallois, Thierry Granier, Claudine Trossat-Magnin, Eric Gomès, Virginie Lauvergeat. (2011). A single amino acid change within the R2 domain of the VvMYB5b transcription factor modulates affinity for protein partners and target promoters selectivity. BMC Plant Biol.11:117.(doi:10.1186/1471-2229-11-117).

Laurent G. Deluc, Decendit Alain, Papastomoulis Yorgos, Mérillon Jean-Michel, Cushman John C. and Grant R. Cramer (2011)-Water deficit increases stilbene metabolism in Cabernet Sauvignon berries – J Agric Food Chem -(2011) Jan12;59(1):289-297.

Christian Chervin, Laurent G. Deluc (2010). Ethylene signaling mediators over the grape berry development: gene expression profiling – Vitis (3), 129-126.

Crystal Sweetman, Laurent G. Deluc, Grant Cramer, Christopher Ford and Karen Soole (2009) - Regulation of malate metabolism in grape berry and other developing fruits – Phytochemistry – 70 (11-12): 1329-1344.

Laurent G. Deluc, David Quilici, Alain Decendit, Jérôme Grimplet, Matthew Wheatley, Karen Schlauch, Mérillon Jean-Michel, John Cushman and Grant Cramer (2009) - Water deficit alters differentially metabolic pathways affecting important flavor and quality traits in grape berries of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay - BMC Genomics 8 (10): 212.

Jérôme Grimplet, Matthew Wheatley, Hatem Ben Jouira, Laurent G. Deluc, Crant Cramer and John Cushman (2009) - Proteomic and selected metabolites analysis of grape berry tissues under well-watered and water-deficit stress conditions – Proteomics 9 (9): 2503-2528.

Prior to OSU:
Laurent G. Deluc, Jochen Bogs, Amanda R. Walker, Thilia Ferrier, Alain Decendit, Jean-Michel Mérillon, Simon P. Robinson and Francois Barrieu (2008) - The transcription factor VvMYB5b contributes to the regulation of anthocyanin and proanthocyanin biosynthesis in developing grape berries - Plant Physiology, 147 (4): 2041-2053.

Mohsen Hanana, Laurent G. Deluc, R. Fouquet, Samia Daldoul, Céline Léon, Francois Barrieu, Abdelwahed Ghorbel, Ahmed Mliki, and Said Hamdi (2008). Identification and Characterization of “rd22” dehydration responsive gene in grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) – Compte Rendu Biologiques 331 (8): 569-578.

Laurent G. Deluc, Jérôme Grimplet, Matthew Wheatley, Richard Tillett, David Quilici, Craig Osborne, David A. Schooley, Karen A. Schlauch, John C. Cushman and Grant R. Cramer (2007) - Transcriptomic and Metabolomic analyses of Cabernet Sauvignon grape berry development - BioMed Central Genomics 22 (8): 429.

Jérôme Grimplet, Laurent G. Deluc, Richard L. Tillett, Matthew D. Wheatley, Karen A. Schlauch, Grant R. Cramer and John C. Cushman (2007) - Tissue-specific mRNA Expression Profiling in Grape Berry tissues - BioMed Central Genomics 21 (8) : 187.

Elizabeth A.R. Tattersall, Jérôme Grimplet, Laurent G. Deluc, Matthew D. Wheatley, Ali Ergul, Delphine Vincent, Craig Osborne, Ali Ergul, Evan Lomen, Robert Blank, Karen A Schlauch, John C. Cushman and Grant R. Cramer (2007) - Transcript abundance profiles reveal larger and more complex responses of grapevine to chilling compared to osmotic and salinity stress - Functional and Integrative Genomics 7(4), 317-333.

Chloé Marchive, Rim Mzid, Laurent G. Deluc, François Barrieu, Julien Pirello, Adrien Gauthier, Marie-France Corio-Costet, Farid Regad, Bernard Cailleteau, Saïd Hamdi and Virginie Lauvergeat (2007) - Isolation and characterization of a Vitis vinifera transcription factor, VvWRKY1, and its effect on responses to fungal pathogens in transgenic tobacco plants - Journal of Experimental Botany, 58 (8) 1999-2010.

Rim Mzid, Chloé Marchive, Dominique Blancard, Laurent G. Deluc, François barrieu, Marie-France Corio-Costet, Nassir Drira, Said Hamdi and Virginie Lauvergeat (2007) - Overexpression of VvWRKY2 in tobacco enhances broad resistance to necrotrophic fungal pathogens - Physiologia Plantarum, 131 (3) 434-447.

Laurent G. Deluc, François Barrieu, Chloé Marchive, Alain Decendit, Jean-Pierre Carde, Jean-Michel Mérillon and Saïd Hamdi (2006) - Characterization of a novel MYB transcription factor that regulates the whole phenylpropanoid pathway - Plant Physiology, 140 (2) 499-511.

Elizabeth A.R. Tattersall, Ali Ergul, Fadi Alkayal, Laurent G. Deluc,  John C. Cushman and Grant R. Cramer (2005) - Comparison of Methods for Isolating High-Quality RNA from Leaves of Grapevine - American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, 56 (4), 400-406.

Robert L. Wolff, Olivier Lavialle, Fabien Pedrono, Eric Pasquier, Laurent G. Deluc, Anne M. Marpeau and Kurtz Aitzetmuller (2001) - Fatty acid composition of Pinaceae as taxonomic markers - Lipids, 36(5), 439-451.

Robert L. Wolff, Bernard Comps, Laurent G. Deluc and Anne M. Marpeau. (1998) - Fatty Acids of the Seeds from Pine Species of the Ponderosa-Banksiana and Halepensis Sections. The Peculiar Taxonomic Position of Pinus pinaster - Journal of Americain Oil Chemist Society, 75, 45-50.

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Robert L. Wolff, Laurent G. Deluc and Anne M. Marpeau (1996) - Oil Content and fatty composition in Coniferous seeds – Journal of Americain Oil Chemist Society, 73, 765-772.

Book chapters:

Satyanarayana Gouthu, Jeff Morre, Claudia S Maier and Laurent G. Deluc (2012). An analytical method to quantify three plant hormone-families in grape berry using Liquid Chromatography and Multiple Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry (in Press) - Book Chapter to Recent Advances in Phytochemistry (2012).

Jérôme Grimplet, Laurent G. Deluc, Grant Cramer and John C. Cushman (2008) - Integrating functional genomics with abiotic stress responses in wine grape - Vitis vinifera In: Advances in molecular breeding towards salinity and drought tolerance, Eds: Matthew A. Jenks, Paul M. Hasegawa, and S. Mohain Jain. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands. pp  643-668.

Proceedings articles:

Laurent G. Deluc (2010). Fine-tuning of gene expression associated with the ABA and JA signaling pathways at the onset of ‘Pinot Noir’ berry Ripening. (Submitted as proceedings to International Science of Horticultural Science from the Grapevine Breeding and Genetics conference that was held in Geneva, NY, USA)-(Proceedings of the Xth Grapevine and Breeding Symposium, Ithaca, 2010).

Grant R. Cramer, Laurent G. Deluc, Kitty Spreeman, and Katherine Schegg (2010) – Substantial Technical Error in 2-D PAGE limit the ability to Detect Differentially Expressed Proteins (Proceedings of the Xth Grapevine and Breeding Symposium, Ithaca, 2010).

Jérôme Grimplet, Laurent G. Deluc, Matthew Wheatley, Karen Schlauch, Grant Cramer and John Cushman (2009) - Tissue-specific mRNA expression profile in grape berry tissues. In: Macromolecules and Secondary Metabolites of Grapevine and Wine. Eds. P. Jeandet, C. Clément and A. Conreaux. Lavoisier, Paris, France, pp. 53-59.

Outreach and Extension

Outreach articles in the Viticulture & Enology Technical Newsletter:

Laurent Deluc: Ripening synchronization: A biological mechansims that prevents uneven ripening - Umpqua Grape day- (June 2012)

Laurent G. Deluc. “Asynchronous Ripening: A new Angle to Study Grape Berry Ripening. Outreach article” - Viticulture & Enology Technical Newsletter (October 2011).

Laurent G. Deluc. “Characterizing the hormonal crosstalk during berry development will contribute to a better understanding of the grape variability” - Viticulture & Enology Technical Newsletter (August 2010).

Fun Fact

University Service:

From 2012 to 2015: Member of the Oversight Committee for the OSU-OHSU shared resource agreement
From 2011 to 2014: Member of the scientific Advisory Board of the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing
2011: Integration of the Molecular and Cellular Graduate program.
2011: Member of the search committee for a Faculty Assistant Professor position in Systems biology at the College of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry.
2010 to present: Affiliate faculty member of the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing
2009 to present: Member of the OSU-USDA Viticulture and Enology research group.

Department Service:
2012: Member of the search committee for a Faculty Research Assistant position, Department of Horticulture.
2009: Member of the Graduate Committee and the computer support committee.

Service to the profession:

Editorial activities:
2011-present: Associate editor of BMC PLANT BIOLOGY
Reviewer activities:
2012: Functional and Integrative Genomics, Plant Physiology, Autralian Journal of Wine and Grape Research, Plant Sciences
2011 to present: Associate Editor to BMC Plant Biology and Technical Advances in Plant Sciences (Frontiers).
2012: Functional & Integrative Genomics, Plant Physiology
2011: Plant Physiology, BMC Plant Biology
2010: American Society of Horticultural Science, Functional & Integrative Genomics, International Journal of Food Science & Technology
2008: Plant Molecular Biology
2006: Phytochemistry

Ad HOC review:
2012: Ad HOC reviewer for ESF EUCORES, ERA-NET programs, European Foundation.

Service to the Oregon Wine Research Institute:
2011 to present: Member of the Oregon Wine Research Institute Core Faculty committee (elaboration of strategic plans)
2011 to present: Member of the technical group committee

Organization of symposium:
2012: Organizer of the 4th Annual Conference of Grape Research Coordination Network at Oregon State University (July 15th-18th, 2012, Corvallis).

Membership in scientific organization:
2010 to present: Member of the steering Committee of The International Grape Genome Program (IGGP) ( The IGGP is an organization of multinational collaborative researchers in grapevine research. The primary research focus is grapevine genomics carried out within the framework of the International Grape Genome Program. The steering committee consists of international members of the major wine regions of the world. The goal of the IGGP is to understand the genetic and molecular basis of all biological processes in Vitis that are relevant to the crop.

Member of the committee in charge of the manual curation of the grape 12X V1 genome annotation ( The purpose of this group is to participate in a collaborative effort to curate and annotate the new version of the grape genome to propose a more consensus version (Principal Investigator – Mario Pezzotti [Italy])