Lectures from the Department of Horticulture

2014 Horticulture Seminars

Crop time degree-day modeling (Watch It Now)
October 21
Speaker: Nick Andrews, Senior Instructor, Horticulture

In Vitro Mineral Nutrition for Genetically Diverse Germplasm: Challenges and Opportunities (Watch It Now)
October 28
Speaker: Sugae Wada, Research Associate, Horticulture

Grapevine yield management: A Story from the vine's perspective (Watch It Now)
November 18
Speaker: Patty Skinkis, Associate Professor, Horticulture

Stinking it up: brown marmorated stinkbug and PNW specialty crops (Watch It Now
November 25
Speaker: Nik Wiman, Assistant Professor and Senior Research, Horticulture

DNA markers andtheir application in plant breeding (Watch It Now)
Decemebr 2
Speaker: Gehendra Bhattarai, Graduate Student, Horticulture