Linda  McMahan


native plants
invasive plants
Linda McMahan
Associate Professor Emeritus

My interests are:

  • Plant conservation
  • Botanic Garden collections (I do periodic assessments)
  • Landscaping with Native Plants
  • Ecological Gardening, such as gardening for wildlife, lowering carbon footprint, conserving water, using fewer chemicals.
Yamhill County
Department of Horticulture
OSU Extension Service, Yamhill County
2050 NE Lafayette Ave
McMinnville, OR 97128
United States
(503) 434-8910


Oregonian by birth (Corvallis--really!) Ph.D. Botany, The University of Texas at Austin, JD Washington College of Law, American University. Grew up on a small rural farm. Formerly Executive Director The Berry Botanic Garden in Portland. Have also worked for Center for Plant Conservation, The World Wildlife Fund, and several federal agencies.

Outreach and Extension

As horticulturist for OSU Extension, I work with training and managing the OSU Master Gardener Program in Yamhill County.  I also work with developing and managing online learning opportunities in home horticulture statewide and for OSU Extended Campus.  Products include a Blended Master Gardener Program (both in class and online) in Yamhill County and assisting other counties with online options for master gardener training.  I have developed a stand-alone course on WaterWise Gardening:Plant Selection to be offered in 2012 through OSU Extended Campus.  My clients include master gardeners and the general gardening public. Other activities include developing web resources and publications for the general public on various topics of gardening interest including native plants, water-efficient landscaping, gardening by streams, other environmental gardening approaches and activities on general gardening. 

Fun Fact

After 40 years of serious neglect, I have been relearning the violin the last 6 years and play with an amateur community orchestra in Corvallis called Corvallis Promusica.