Pathogenicity of Fusarium isolates on sweet corn and effect of form of nitrogen on root rot development.

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While Fusarium oxysporum and solani and Pythium arrenhomanes are consistantly associated with diseased roots and Pythium arrhenomanes has been shown to be pathogenic on sweet corn seedings in the greenhouse, other studies suggest neither fungus alone is the cause of this disease. Experiments were conducted in 2000 to determine: 1) pathogenicity of Fusarium isolates and other fungi on sweet corn seedlings, 2) effect of soil treatments (fungicides and herbicides) on severity of root necrosis of corn grown in naturally infested field soil, and 3) effect of cultural practices (form of nitrogen and type of tillage) on suppression of root rot.


  • Neil Christensen, Department of Crop and Soil Science, Oregon State University


Disease and related disorder management, Fresh Market Vegetable Production, Processed Vegetable Production, Willamette Valley, Soil and nutrient management, Corn, Vegetable processing, Vegetable production