People in Nursery, Greenhouse, and Christmas Trees at Oregon State University

Ryan Contreras
Associate Professor, Ornamental Plant Breeding
My teaching and research focuses on woody nursery and landscape plants.  I teach spring and fall woody plant identification courses, growth and development of horticultural crops, and plant propagation.  Research in my lab is closely...
Len Coop
Assistant Professor (Sr Res), Associate Director of the Integrated Plant Protection Center
I support agriculture in general by developing and placing online, weather and climate driven models for numerous areas including IPM/pest models, plant disease risk models, crop models, horticultural models, beneficial species models, climate...
Niklaus Gr├╝nwald
Research Plant Pathologist, USDA
Judy Kowalski
Research Technician
I assist several researchers at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center, located in Aurora, Oregon, with their research and extension programs.
Chal Landgren
Christmas Tree SpecialistExtension program touches on all aspects of Christmas tree production beginning with site preparation and continuing all the way through harvest and shipping. 
Jana Lee
Courtesy Faculty, Research Entomologist
Marcelo L. Moretti
Assistant Professor
Lloyd L. Nackley
Assistant Professor, Nursery Research and Extension
Ed Peachey
Associate Professor (Practice), Vegetable Extension and Weed Science
Deliver core information and technology to reduce the economic losses caused by common and invasive weeds of high value horticulture crops in Oregon.
Jay W. Pscheidt
Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology and Extension Plant Pathology Specialist
My work focuses on diagnosis of disease problems on woody perennials including fruit, nut, and nursery crops, and cultural disease control tactics. See here for my real faculty page:  
Robin Rosetta
Associate Professor, Extension Entomologist
My work focuses on: Nursery/greenhouse integrated pest management Biological control implementation Management of honeylocust pod gall midge and root weevils Current research areas include borers in nursery production and management of rose...
Luisa Santamaria
Assistant Professor
My main goal is to develop educational programs based on the needs and priorities for the Oregon nursery industry.
Carolyn Scagel
Courtesy Faculty, Research Plant Physiologist
Heather Stoven
Assistant Professor (Practice), Community Horticulture and Small Farms
As the Community and Small Farms Horticulturalist for Yamhill County, I oversee the Master Gardener program and provide support to the community's gardening and small farm needs.
Sugae Wada
Research Associate
Jerry Weiland
Research Plant Pathologist, USDA
Our research program focuses on soilborne pathogens of the ornamental nursery industry. The overall goal is to more fully understand pathogen biology, epidemiology, and ecology in order to develop and refine successful, non-chemical disease...