Presentations for Nursery, Greenhouse, and Christmas Trees

Christmas tree specialist, Chal Landgren, gives an update of shipping and exporting issues, disease and pest management and current resources for growers.
Research was conducted on nutrient and water use in an effort to improve efficiency and minimize leaching/runoff with the goal of developing improved practices and production systems.
A discussion on wise water use for container production, presented at the 2006 Far West Show by Jim Owen.
Presented by Jim Owen at the 2006 North Willamette Research and Extension container workshop, a discussion about substrate in containerized production.
A discussion about the factors to consider when making irrigation decisions involving container plants in the nursery environment. Topics include leaching, irrigation timing, substrate material, and plant architecture.
The following minerals are addressed in the Octoberpest 2006 presentation: nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, calcium, boron, copper, zinc, salt, and fluoride.
Studies were implemented to determine if specific amendments could improve water retention in an effort to reduce the amount of water, nitrogen and phosphorus inputs needed.
Research was conduced on the effect of using a clay-amended substrate to improve nutrient and water efficiency for plants in containers. The presentation includes detailed results on the performance of the different plants used.
Field trials testing the effects of fertilization on Nordmann and Noble fir trees in relation to the Christmas tree industry, the results of the trials and the implications for growers are discussed.
An in-depth look at the relationship between phosphorus, container plant health, the impact of phosphorus on the environment, and possible solutions.