Report a Sighting of Brown Marmorated Stinkbug in Oregon

If you encounter BMSB, please consider reporting it. We are depending on vigilant citizens, growers, pest management professionals to help us locate BMSB populations in Oregon, and we need live specimens for research. If the site is on private property we may request permission to collect, trap, or perform other experiments.  We respect landowner rights and if you wish to report BMSB, but do not want a follow-up visit, we would still like to hear from you. Please review the identification guide before reporting. If you can attach clear digital photos of a specimen to your report, the confirmation can be done electronically.

Please make the following observations in your report email if applicable:

1. Time and date of sighting.

2. Habitat (agricultural, urban, natural).

3. Host plant (ornamental, weedy, crop).

4. Approximate number of BMSB.

5. Your contact info.


Send reports or identification questions to: