Research in Tree Fruits and Nuts

Tree fruit and nut research programs at Oregon State University focus on six major areas: breeding and genetics, entomology and pest management, fruit pathology, postharvest handling and physiology, production systems, and weed management. To learn more about the tree fruit and nut research programs carried out by OSU faculty, and to find contact information for project leaders, click on the program links below.


Shawn Mehlenbacher - hazelnut breeding and genetics.

Entomology/Pest Management

Rick Hilton - pear pest management

Jeff Miller - biological control of orchard pests

Ramesh Sagili - honey bee biology

Peter Shearer - cherry and pear pest management

Vaughn Walnton - hazelnut pest management


Ken Johnson - fire blight management

Jay Pscheidt - apple, cherry and pear disease management

David Sugar - pear disease management

Postharvest Handling/Physiology

David Sugar - pear

Yan Wang - cherry and pear

Production Systems

Anita Azarenko - apple and cherry cultivars, rootstocks, systems, PGRs

Steve Castagnoli - pear pollinizers

Todd Einhorn - cherry and pear cultivars, rootstocks, systems, PGRs

Clive Kaiser - apple and cherry nutrition, PGRs

Lynn Long - cherry cultivars, rootstocks, systems

David Sugar - pear cultivars, rootstocks, systems, PGRs

Weed Management

Ed Peachey - Orchard weed management