Richard Hilton
Senior Faculty Research Assistant, Entomologist

American Farmland Trust Grant,  “Continued Reduction of Organophosphates and the Implementation of an Organic Pest Control Program in Pear.” Co-PI’s were Richard Hilton, Phil VanBuskirk and David Sugar.

Other funding sources:

  • Companies which produce and market certified organic control methods.
  • Local tree fruit industry.


  • Mating disruption is now used on over 50% of local pear acreage.
  • A workable organic program has been developed and is being implemented on the 7 orchards which comprise 5% of the acreage.
  • Certified organic insect control methods and tactics, such as mating disruption, codling moth granulosis virus and kaolin clay are increasingly adopted by conventional growers.
  • A new monitoring tool for codling moth control is used on over 30% of pear acreage.
Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center
Department of Horticulture
Oregon Wine Research Institute
(541) 772-5165


  • Development and implementation of methods for pear pest management in certified organic orchard systems.
  • Mating disruption and microbial controls for major pest species.
  • Conservation of natural enemies.