SAFE Scholarship and Grant

STMA’s charity, The SAFE Foundation, is ready to award money for the SAFE Scholarships and the Gary Vanden Berg Internship Grant. It is an easy process to apply and the awards can be thousands of dollars. SAFE will not award a scholarship for less than $1,250 to any student and the Gary Vanden Berg Internship Grant is $1000. The deadline to apply for both awards is Oct. 15. Read the requirements for SAFE Scholarships and for the Gary Vandenberg Internship Grant and how to send your applications for judging (reminder: all materials must be included in one package delivered to STMA headquarters).  If you have questions about the SAFE Scholarships, please contact Leah Craig.

SAFE also has $4,000 it wants to give to two colleges or universities for winning the Student Challenge. This highly competitive contest will be held Fri., Jan. 24, 2014 at the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX during the STMA Conference. The Study Guide is now online and we encourage you to begin to develop your teams. All student challenge competitors MUST register on line. No paper registration forms will be accepted for the challenge. You can send in a paper form to register for optional events. Contact Kristen Althouse with questions on the Student Challenge.

Thank you!
Sports Turf Managers Association