Specialty Seed Crops Resources

Onion seed production in Idaho. 1942. University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin No. 247. 14 pages.
Onion Seed Production in Idaho

Vegetable seed production in Oregon. 1952. H. L. Schudel. Oregon State University Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 512. 79 pages.
Information on the production of cabbage, turnip and rutabaga, mustard, chinese cabbage, kale, cauliflower, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, onion, carrot, table beet, swiss chard, mangel, parsnip, spinach, radish, lettuce, cucumber, squash and pumpkin, and muskmelon and watermelon seed.
Vegetable Seed Production in Oregon

Mechanical seed cleaning and handling. 1968. USDA ARS Agriculture Handbook No. 354. 56 pages.
Seed cleaners and separators
Seed conditioning and treating
Seed handling and storing
Plant layout
Mechanical Seed Cleaning and Handling

Seed processing and handling. 1968. Seed Technology Laboratory. Mississippi State University. Handbook No. 1. Available as three pdf files:
Seed Processing and Handling I pages 1-149
Precleaning and conditioning equipment
Basic seed cleaning equipment
Dimensional sizing equipment
Specific gravity separators

Seed Processing and Handling II pages 150-218
Surface texture separators
Air separators
Electronic separators
Miscellaneous equipment (spiral separators, polishers, picker belts, bumper mill, vibratory separator)

Seed Processing and Handling III pages 219-294
Seed treating equipment
Elevating and conveying equipment
Accessory equipment (scales, bag closers, blowers, and bins)
Design and layout of processing plants