VegNet is an insect pest monitoring program funded by the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission and managed by the Oregon State University Department of Horticulture. To add your name to the newsletter, please click the ‘subscribe’ button below. 

Each week, trap counts are reported for common vegetable crop pest species. Data are compared to the previous year as well as the 15-year average (1996-2011) to make an informed estimate of pest activity. The following report refers to averaged data collected from eight sites throughout the Willamette Valley, OR. Please scroll down the page to see archived reports and pest information pages. 

Let’s celebrate!! VegNet is 20 years old!! As we enter into the last quarter of the monitoring season, I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for your support of this program. Please fill out our user survey and let us know how we are doing. 


VegNet News and Notes

Hi, Everyone! Happy National Agriculture Week! THANK YOU for all you do. A few notes before the season officially kicks off:

There will be a new website this year ( You may want to update bookmarks, etc. but the newsletter move will be seamless. In other words:

If you are seeing this email, you are a current subscriber and (if all goes well)....your info will transfer to the new system automatically. If you don't get a report via email by April 15th, feel free to contact me and I'll add you back to the list.

Also, there is a Twitter account with not much on it yet, but I will utilize it if there is enough interest. If you use Twitter, follow me @osuvegnet

HIGHLIGHTS for the year ahead:

 - The wet winter we've had could mean more pressure from armyworms. Egg hatch is favored by wet conditions, and the effect will be most noticeable for overwintering species.

- Monitoring of additional pests. Cabbage aphid, BMSB, striped cucumber beetle, and others.

- GIS mapping and visualization. Take this survey to vote for which pests are priority in this first year.

Thanks for your support of this program!