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The superb quality of Oregon’s blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries are known worldwide, adding a farm value of over $140 million to local economies. Consumers are attracted to products, local markets, U-pick,...read more


A new Extension bulletin describes blackberry cultivars for planting in Oregon.
Bernadine Strik, berry specialist, said she would be surprised if the trend toward fresh strawberries didn’t continue. (Portland Tribune).
Lane County strawberries arrived about two weeks early this year, said Ross Penhallegon, longtime agent with the OSU Extension.
Faculty from Crop and Soil Science, Horticulture, and Agricultural & Resource Economics are recognized for blueberry publication.
Strawberry acreage in the state peaked at more than 18,000 acres in the 1950s, said Bernadine Strik (Albany Democrat-Herald)


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Students learn berry production within the context of plant biology and genetics, soils, ecology, and economics with applications in plant..

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The Northwest Berry & Grape Information Network is the most comprehensive information and communications resource for berry and grapes.
Resources from Oregon State's Extension Services on berries and small fruits.