About Tree Fruits and Nuts at Oregon State University

Oregon's tree fruit and nut industries bring many benefits to Oregonians, including a variety of healthful foods to consumers and jobs to rural communities. At Oregon State University, we emphasize the integration of biology, ecology, genetics...read more


From OSU’s renowned hazelnut-breeding program, Wepster, new, high-yielding, blight-resistant hazelnut tree. (Mail Tribune)
Mehlenbacher was presented the award for his contributions to hazelnut genetics and cultivar development.
Choosing a proper site for a hazelnut orchard is the most important step a grower can take. (Capital Press)
OSU professor David Sugar is working with UC-Davis scientists on enhancing the flavors of pears by stimulating ripening. (Capital Press)
Growers say OSU plant breeder Shawn Mehlenbacher saved the industry by developing blight-resistant varieties. (The Oregonian)


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For Students

Students interested in tree fruits and nuts learn contemporary production practices that include...

Research and Extension

Extension faculty continue to develop integrated and sustainable tree fruit and nut production guidelines...
Tree fruit and nut research programs at Oregon State University focus on six major areas