Ecological Landscapes and Urban Forestry

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Curriculum for Ecological Landscapes and Urban Forestry Option (.pdf)

The Ecological Landscapes and Urban Forestry option gives you the knowledge and skills to manage landscapes using environmentally sound landscape practices. If you are a creative, motivated individual who loves the outdoors and enjoys working with plants, soil, water, nature, and people, you might be a good fit for this option and the careers leading from it.

Graduates of the Ecological Landscapes and Urban Forestry option become city park rangers, start organic and sustainable landscape companies, and manage botanical gardens, among other careers.

Active Learning

StudentsAs a student studying Ecological Landscapes and Urban Forestry, you'll spend time in one of our three greenhouses, learning the best methods to grow plants. You'll also work with the College of Forestry to learn the latest urban forest management techniques. The Department of Horticulture encourages students to get out of the classroom and take a hands-on approach to learning and skill development.

Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture
Research Farms
College of Forestry

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