2007 Evaluation of Sensitivities of Annual Bedding Plants to Mesotrione (Tenacity) Herbicide

Final Report


The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the sensitivity of four species of annual bedding plants to Mesotrione (Tenacity) herbicide. The initial treatments were applied 24 hours before planting. A second application was made six weeks later over the top of the plants.

Materials and Methods

Roundup Tolerant Tall Fescue/Perennial Ryegrass Trial


Previous work reported by Crystal Fricker at Pure Seed Testing Inc. demonstrated that it is possible to develop tall fescues and fine fescues that have relatively good tolerance to low rates of glyphosate. This trial is part of an ongoing effort to evaluate tolerance of tall fescues and other grasses to glyphosate at rates that are effective in controlling annual bluegrass.

Shade Trial Summary 2008

Shade Trial – Area 4
Seeded Spring 2003