2009-2010 Evaluation of Preventative Fungicide Applications For the Control of Gray Snow Mold on An Annual Bluegrass/Kentucky Bluegrass Fairway


The purpose of this trial was to evaluate a single preventative application of various fungicides for the control of gray snow mold on a golf course fairway.

Materials and Methods

The trial was initiated on October 23rd (after the last mowing) on the 11th fairway of the Meadows Golf Course (4,160 feet elevation) located in the Sun River Resort in Sun River, Oregon, 15 miles south of Bend.

Looking for a site to do a fairy ring control trial.

We are looking for a site to do a fairy ring control trial in 2011.Fairy Ring Photo  If you are having consistent problems with fairy ring and are willing to allow plots to be set up and different fungicide treatments applied, please call Brian McDonald at 541 231-1149.  The ideal site would be about 2,000 square feet with uniform fairy ring symptoms throughout.  The area could be a golf course fairway, rou

Microdochium Patch Fungicide Control Strategies

patch on a green

Avoiding Buildup of Resistant Fungi

  • Most failures are probably not due to fungal resistance to fungicides.
  • Fungal resistance is most likely to develop where you over use systemic fungicides and don’t alternate modes of action.

    Examples in the PNW on Microdochium Patch: Clearys 3336, Chipco 26GT, and Heritage.
  • Pathologists have numerous theories on the best strategies for managing fungicides to avoid resistance.