Processed Vegetable Production

Cutworm Control in Processed Beets (1987)


Report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission

Glenn Fisher, R. Berry, and K. West
OSU Dept. of Entomology


  1. Determine which species of cutworms are pests in table beets.
  2. Determine if pheromone trap catches can be used to predict cutworm problems and time control measures.
  3. Evaluate the use of sweep net sampling, egg sampling, soil surface sampling and early leaf feediyy to predict root damage and time control measures.

Performance of Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer Solutions in Broccoli Used to Enhance Weed Control


Grower interest in nitrogen fertilizer sprays for weed control has raised questions about the relative effectiveness of various materials and the contribution these materials make toward the nitrogen nutrition of the crop. A research program established in 1988 evaluated weed control and crop response with four plantings of broccoli.

Maturity and yield characteristics of cauliflower: effects of transplant characteristics and culture.



  • To elucidate the effects of transplant culture and characteristics on the maturity and yield of a cauliflower crop.
  • To describe differences among sources of transplants in timing of curd initiation, rates of leaf initiation and unfolding, and rate of curd growth in order to better understand the relationship between the yield and maturity of cauliflower, and its growth and development.
  • To elucidate aspects of transplant handling, and field culture after transplanting that affect maturity and yield of cauliflower.