Willamette Valley

150-250 day season; warm days, cool nights; length of season may very considerably from year to year

Corn head smut resistance (1987)


Report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission

Jim Baggett
OSU Dept of Horticulture


  1. Test Plant Introduction lines and other germplasm sources for high field resistance to head smut.
  2. Determine if immunity or true seedling resistance exists in germplasm sources.
  3. Test commercial F1 hybrids and inbreds for head smut resistance.

Maturity and Yield Characteristics of Cauliflower



  • To describe the relationship between maturity characteristics of cauliflower and the timing of curd initiation, plant size at curd initiation, curd growth rate and the duration of curd growth.
  • To determine the relative contribution of gene-type and environment of the variability in the yield and maturity of cauliflower.
  • To prepare a comprehensive review of the research literature on factors affecting the yield and maturity of cauliflower.

Effects of nitrogen fertilizer rates and tillage treatments (soil compaction) on carrot root yields and root characteristics



  • To evaluate effects of supplemental nitrogen rates, in addition to growers base rates, on yield and root characteristics.
  • To evaluate effects of four or five tillage treatments that result in various degrees of soil compaction on carrot root growth and yield of two varieties (O.S.U. Vegetable Research Farm).