Variety trials

Green Bean Breeding


  • Breed Bush Blue Lake green bean varieties with high economic yield.
  • Improve pod characteristics including straightness, color, smoothness, texture, flavor and quality retention, and combine with delayed seed size development.
  • Incorporate white mold tolerance, and improve root rot tolerance while maintaining resistance to bean common mosaic virus.
  • Initiate populations to facilitate molecular marker assisted selection of desirable horticultural traits.
  • Evaluate novel genetic traits of potential benefit.

Nitrogen Management in Sweet Corn

OBJECTIVE for 1998:

  • To evaluate the use of pre-sidedress testing of soil nitrate content (PSNT), and the SPAD leaf chlorophyll meter, to predict the level of additional N needed to grow a sweet corn crop to good yield and quality. 


  • Neil Christensen, Dept. of Crop and Soil Science 
  • Marvin Kauffman, consultant
  • Carol Miles, Washington State University Extension


Identification of Sweet Corn Hybrids Resistant to Root/Stalk Rot

Funding was used to establish, evaluate, and analyze data from sweet corn field plots established on the Jim Belden farm near Stayton. Twenty hybrids with se or su endosperm were evaluated for resistance to root/crown rot. Ears were also evaluated for processing quality.


  • Characterize su and se sweet corn hybrids for reaction to root/crown rot. 

Cooperator: M. Powelson, Botany and Plant Pathology