Regional Pest Monitoring Program


This project has two main objectives:

  • 1) Provide a real-time monitoring and reporting system to provide decision support for pest management to processed vegetable growers in W. Oregon,
  • 2) Provide the long term research basis to better understand pest outbreaks that can be used to improve implementation of objective 1. 

Cooperators: Jim Todd, Ed Peachey, Dan McGrath, Glenn Fisher


Nitrogen Management in Sweet Corn

OBJECTIVE for 1998:

  • To evaluate the use of pre-sidedress testing of soil nitrate content (PSNT), and the SPAD leaf chlorophyll meter, to predict the level of additional N needed to grow a sweet corn crop to good yield and quality. 


  • Neil Christensen, Dept. of Crop and Soil Science 
  • Marvin Kauffman, consultant
  • Carol Miles, Washington State University Extension


Long-Term Vegetable Crop Rotation Study


  • To evaluate effects of several winter cover crop systems, including fall seeded and overseeded triticale, fall-seeded triticale plus winter pea, and overseeded red clover on yield and quality of sweet corn at three rates of N. The cover crops followed broccoli fertilized with three rates of N in 1997.
  • To evaluate the effect of these cover crops and the N applied to broccoli in 1997 on the amount of nitrate leached below the root zone during the winter of 1997-98.


Etiology of root rot of sweet corn

The cause(s) of the root/crown rot problem of sweet corn in the Willamette Valley the past 10 years has been a challenge to identify. Root rot is the precursor to crown rot symptoms. Many species of Fusaria and Pythium have been isolated from symptomatic roots and crowns.
Experiments were conducted in the field and greenhouse in 1998 to help pinpoint the pathogenic agent of corn root rot and to evaluate the efficacy of soil treatments on managing this disease.

Development and Evaluation of Minimum-Tillage Production Systems for Sweet Corn and Snap Beans

This project focuses on developing and evaluating strip-tillage vegetable production systems which integrate winter-annual cover crops. Goals include increasing farm income and enhancing soil and water quality.

Grower Participants:

  • Mark and Mike Dickman, Dickman Farms, Mt. Angel
  • Carl and Jack Hendricks, Hendricks Farms,Stayton
  • Steve and Alan Keudell, Keudell Farms, Stayton
  • Ray Stafford, Kraemer Farms, Mt. Angel
  • Rod Chambers, Mari-Linn Farms, Jefferson

Regional Pest Monitoring Program

This proposal is also submitted to the broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet corn research committees of the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission


  • To maintain, evaluate, and refine a regional pest monitoring network for selected Lepidopteran pests of broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet corn.
  • To strengthen the communication network among ag professionals serving the Willamette Valley processed vegetable industry.