Cultivar Evaluation for Control of Common Smut in Sweet Corn and High Plains Virus in the Columbia Basin of Oregon and Washington (2005)

Report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission

Philip Hamm and George Clough
OSU Hermiston Agricultrual Research and Extension Center

Processing Quality Evaluation Brian Yorgey
OSU Dept of Food Science & Technology


  1. Screen sweet corn varieties for resistance to common smut and High Plains Virus
  2. Evaluate processing quality for ‘resistant’ hybrids.

VegNet Regional Pest Monitoring Program Report (2009)

Report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission

Dan McGrath
OSU Dept. of Horticulture

COOPERATORS: Manual Silveira and Jim Gill, NORPAC; Wayne Parker, Jason
White, and Neil MacInnes, National Frozen; Jon Brown, Truitt Bros; Larry and Ron
Pearmine Farm, Richard and Delbert Haener Farms, Mark and Mike Dickman Farm,
Skip Gray Farm, Matt and Gary Cook Farm, Hendricks Brothers Farm, Tom and Sam
Sweeney Farm. Technical support for this project was provided by Lydia Brown, OSU
Department of Horticulture.

Management of Fusarium diseases of sweet corn in the Pacific Northwest


Objective 1: Evaluate sweet corn inbred germplasm for colonization of silks by Fusarium species and subsequent seed infection/contamination. Objective 2: Evaluate biological applications to silks and subsequent Fusarium presence in ears. Objective 3: Evaluate seed disinfestation and location of remaining Fusarium on or in seed. Objective 4: Examine the yield and disease levels of sweet corn plants grown from seeds treated with germicidal light.