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Curriculum for Turf Management Option (.pdf)

The Turf Management program works to develop ecological and sustainable ways to manage large grassed areas, such as golf courses, athletic fields, and parks. A natural fit for the grass seed capital of the U.S., the Willamette Valley, the turf management option allows you to integrate horticulture, biology, soil science, and pest management in your studies.

Today's turf landscapes are managed with a focus on sustainability and ecosystem enhancement, and Oregon State leads the way. In addition to sustainable methods, you will learn about the environmental benefits of turf, like pollutant filtration and flood control, and you'll become an expert in understanding how to maintain native wildlife and bird populations while using cutting edge turf management techniques.

Recent graduates who have focused on Turf Management have become golf course supervisors, athletic field managers, and caretakers of the parks and grounds of cities, counties, and school districts.

Active Learning

turf moundingAs a student studying turf management, you'll spend time conducting field research trials at our turfgrass research facility at Lewis-Brown Farm. You'll also have the opportunity to compete in the yearly Collegiate Turf Bowl at the GCSAA Education Conference and the Golf Industry Show. Most students also join the Turf Club, as there you'll get to meet industry members, visit their golf courses and athletic fields, perform community service, and play golf at a local golf course - for free!

Turf Management Program at Oregon State University

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