New Graduate Certificate in Organic Agriculture (Online) Program

The online Graduate Certificate in Organic Agriculture prepares students to work in organic food production, processing, distribution, policy-making, education, and their own organic-product businesses.

This online Graduate Certificate addresses the current educational gap created by a rapidly-growing global organic industry and the needs of this industry for trained, experienced professionals. All courses for this certificate are offered online, allowing students working in other post-graduate programs at any institution and working professionals to access courses.

Program of Study

Students are required to take the four core courses offered; each core course is worth 3 credits. For the remaining 6 credits, students may add any two of the additional program electives to complete the 18-credits required for the certificate. This allows students to personalize their education to their area of specialty within the interdisciplinary subject of Organic Production. Courses offered in Anthropology, Food Systems, Nutrition, Food Culture and Social Justice give students perspective on the social and cultural impacts of the way organic foods are produced and consumed around the world; courses offered by the Departments of Horticulture, Crop and Soil Science, and Animal Science will allow students to understand organic production and processing with the potential to specialize in several areas: whole farms systems management, organic livestock management, and specific crop types for which organic production is used.

Who Should Apply for this Program?
  • Graduate students of Horticulture, Crops, Soil, Animal Science, Food Science, Public Health, Environmental Science and related programs
  • Graduate students interested in the cultural and social impacts of food production and consumerism globally
  • Professionals working in organic and conventional production systems
  • Crop and field consultants
  • Pest management, public health and education professionals
  • Government agents engaged in policy and enforcement in organic production
  • Graduate students wishing to add this certificate to a concurrent graduate program
How to Apply

Applying is easy – all you need to do is follow the prompts on our OSU E-campus website, submit the required forms and apply.

Things to Consider

Timeline:  Not all courses are offered every term. Before applying, make sure to check the schedule of courses and plan out term course loads.

Pre-requisites: These are graduate courses, and many require some previous knowledge to enroll. Check the pre-requisites and make sure all requirements are met. If uncertain which courses (from different institutions) can cover the pre-requisites, contact the faculty.

Capstone: This is a required practicum that will require planning and execution of a graduate project. This course is taken the last term of enrollment in the program, but projects often begin before registration in the capstone course. For more information on the capstone and the associated completion requirements, contact the course faculty.


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