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Dennis Albert
Courtesy Appointment, Landscape and Wetland Ecologist
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  1. Development of regional landscape ecosystem classifications based on abiotic factors to aid in the inventory, study, and management of biota.
  2. The use of landscape approaches to understand natural processes and disturbance regimes, as well as land-management, restoration, and...
Nahla Bassil
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Plant Geneticist

David Bryla
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Man Yeon Choi
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Research interests are focused on insect neurohormones, receptors, RNAi, and chemical ecology to develop novel pest managements and to understand biological questions.

  1. Development of RNA inference (RNAi)-based insecticide to protect small fruits and nursery crops.
  2. ...
Chad Finn
Courtesy Appointment, Research Geneticist & Small Fruit Breeder
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Our research program has three primary objectives:

  • to develop blackberry, red and black raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry cultivars for the commercial small fruit industry.
  • to expand germplasm available to plant breeders by collecting wild species of Rubus,...
Kim Hummer
Courtesy Appointment, USDA
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Fruit, nut, and specialty crop genetics

Zoran Jeknic
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Jana Lee
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Ruth Martin
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Molecular Biologist

Barbara M. Reed
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Dalila Rendon
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  • Biological and cultural control of horticultural pests
  • Tree fruit and berry entomology
  • Predator-prey interactions and arthropod food webs
  • Ecology of natural enemies
  • Invasive species (Drosophila suzukii, Helicoverpa armigera)
Carolyn Scagel
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Paul Schreiner
Courtesy Appointment, Plant Physiologist, USDA-ARS & Dept of Horticulture
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My research explores biotic and abiotic components of vineyard ecosystems to develop sustainable practices that promote plant and soil health and improve fruit quality. My laboratory addresses both fundamental and applied aspects of plant nutrient physiology emphasizing the role of roots,...