After four years of full-time service at the rank of Senior Faculty Research Assistant I or the accumulation of its equivalent for part time Senior FRAs I at 0.50 FTE or greater.

To be promoted, a candidate must have:

  • a sustained record of exceptional achievement and
  • evidence of professional growth and
  • innovation in assigned duties

In addition, the Department of Horticulture has criteria for the Promotion to Senior Faculty Research Assistant II:

  • Sustained record - On-going, continuous pattern observed throughout the four years of full-time service at the rank of SFRA-I as documented in their CV.
  • Exceptional achievement - outputs and outcomes or impacts (achievements) or contributions in collaboration with others.  Exceptional fulfillment of duties in the position description
  • Evidence of professional growth (the word growth means increase) (the word professional suggests skills, responsibility, competence, leadership). This might be demonstrated or verified in a number of ways such as:
    • increased technical skills related to requirements of position description
    • individual has assumed increased responsibility or in other ways demonstrated initiative
    • increased leadership might be in the form of mentoring of faculty and staff in areas of the candidate’s expertise, assuming more complex administrative tasks, expanded service activities
    • development of new skill sets or significant expansion of existing skills
  • Evidence of scholarship - Completion of classes or technical training that improves the candidate’s current skills or develops new skills that contribute in important ways to the program.
  • Innovation in assigned duties - Significant contributions in the form of new ideas, increased efficiencies creativity, creative approaches, problem solving, discoveries.