2016 OSU Kabocha/buttercup production and storage trial results

The goal of this project is to identify high-yielding, long storing and delicious kabocha, buttercup, and other winter squash varieties for production on Willamette Valley fresh market vegetable farms.  Sixteen varieties of kabocha and buttercup winter squash were grown at four planting densities in a replicated field experiment at the Oregon State University research farm in 2016.  Data was collected on fruit size, yield, storage losses, storage quality, flavor, and the duration of storage.  This is our second year of data for this project.  The same 16 varieties were grown in dryland conditions at four planting densities in a separate replicated field experiment.  This is our first year of data for the dryland experiment.  

The OSU experiment was managed conventionally as there is insufficient organic land at the Corvallis research farms.  Single-density replicated on-farm trials were also conducted on two organic farms.  This article primarily reports on the methods and results from the OSU research station trial.