Broccoli Breeding, Evaluation and Seed Production (2009)

Report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission

Jim Meyers
OSU Dept of Horticulture

Brian Yorgey
OSU Dept of Food Science and Technology


  1. Develop broccoli varieties adapted to western Oregon with suitable quality, high yields, and disease resistance. Specific traits include:
  • Early to midseason maturity
  • Concentrated yield potential
  • Head rot and downy mildew resistance
  • Large openly branched heads that are well exerted and have clean stems for easy trimming and separation into florets
  • Firm, uniform florets of good color
  • Fine beads with short pedicels, which are retained after freezing
  • Develop seed production systems using cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) or self incompatibility (SI) to produce field scale quantities of F1 hybrid seed.
  • Conduct pilot scale field production of inbreds and hybrids that produce sufficient quantities of seed.