Evaluation of precision planting techniques, flail topping, and non row-oriented harvesters for table beet production.

Large field tests of the close row beet production system was tested with the cooperation of Mr. K. Zielinski and Norpac in 1998.


  • To test two varieties of table beet, the hybrid Red Ace and the standard Detroit Dark Red, to see whether the use of a hybrid with its expected greater vigor and uniformity might have some advantages in a system where plants would be more competitive than at the standard wide row spacing.
  • To again evaluate the same row configurations tested in 1998 (rows 12 inches apart) using OSU's Gaspardo precision planter in comparison with grower planters such as the John Deere 71 Flex Planter and the Planet Jr. and conventional rows (20-22 inches), with the same topping and harvest equipment used in 1998.