Green Bean Breeding and Evaluation (2014)

Research report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable Comission

Jim Myers and Brain Yorgey


Report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable CommissionOregon is the second largest producer of processed green beans, and cultivars are needed that are adapted to western Oregon. The types that have traditionally been used are the bush blue lake (BBL) green beans with high yields, excellent processing quality. On the other hand, then need improvement in plant architecture, disease resistance (especially to white mold), and are genetically isolated from other green beans. The primary objective of the OSU green bean breeding program is to develop high yielding and high quality BBL green beans with high levels of white mold resistance. In 2014, a preliminary yield and processing trial of 36 advanced lines was conducted. An additional commercial trial with 28 entries was also grown and evaluated. Two advanced lines (6771 and 6774) are undergoing intense scrutiny for release as the first partially white mold resistant lines commercially available. Data obtained over four years of evaluation supports their release and seed has been distributed to seed companies for preliminary increase and evaluation.