The Permaculture Design Program at Oregon State is offered through the Department of Horticulture in the College of Agricultural Sciences. and provides site-based classes, online courses, and workshops for enrolled OSU students, as well as for the general public.

What is Permaculture

Permaculture Design is an ethically based whole-systems design approach to landscape planning that uses concepts, principles, and methods derived from ecosystems, indigenous peoples, and other time-tested practices to create sustainable human settlements and institutions. Although rooted in horticulture and agriculture, Permaculture Design is interdisciplinary, touching on a wide range of subjects including regional planning, ecology, animal husbandry, technology, architecture, and international development and can be applied to a large scale farm as well as a home garden.


  • HORT 299 Hands-on Permaculture and Ecological Landscape Management
  • HORT 285 Permaculture Design and Theory
  • HORT 286 Permaculture Design Certificate Module
  • HORT 485 Advanced Permaculture Design Practicum