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Alexander Levin

Alec Levin

SOREC Director and Viticulturist
alexander.levin [at]

Office: 541-930-8411

Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center

Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center 569 Hanley Rd

Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center
569 Hanley Rd
Central Point, OR 97502

My research focuses on understanding grapevine physiology - with foci on plant water relations, carbohydrate metabolism, and fruit ripening biochemistry - and applying that understanding to improve vineyard management practices while enhancing sustainable wine grape production. Current projects include:

  1. Understanding negative impacts of wildfire smoke to grapevines and development of cultural practices for mitigation

  2. Optimization of irrigation initiation timing using fruit and wine quality thresholds

  3. Development of best management practices to mitigate negative impacts of Grapevine Red Blotch Disease

  4. Refinement of wine grape crop coefficients for improved irrigation scheduling

  5. Development of low-cost, automated, plant-based water stress sensor for grapevines

  6. Establishment and maintenance of research and demonstration vineyards at SOREC

I am a core faculty member of the Oregon Wine Research Institute. The following video summarizes current OWRI research activities:

Alex Levin, Viticulturist