Clara Weidman

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Soil Science
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Soil microbiology

Soil nutrients

Soilborne plant pathogens

Microbial communities

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In my free time I like to host dinner parties, hike, swim, ride bikes, play board games, travel, and throw frisbees around.


I grew up on a small farm outside of Astoria, Oregon and came to Corvallis in 2009 to study at OSU. During my undergraduate studies, I majored in Biology and BioResource Research (BRR), the undergraduate research degree. My option in BRR was sustainable ecosystems and my research project related to investigating whether or not soil solarization could be used to manage a select set of plant pathogens in soil. I also got minors in French and Chemistry and spent a year abroad in Poitiers, France. I am pursuing a masters degree in soil science, working under Dr. Jennifer Parke at OSU. I am also the social chair of the association of graduate soil scientists. 

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I currently have no publications listed within this site.