Snap beans

Survey of Weed Control Practices and Outcomes in Snap Beans (2019 and 2020)

  • 60 snap bean fields were surveyed for weeds present at harvest over 2 years in 2019 and 2020.
  • 2020 was a ‘weedier’ year than 2019.
  • Conventional fields: on average there were 4.8 weeds per m sq in the 53 conventional fields surveyed and that covered or provided shade to about 2.2% of the field (Table 1).
  • Organic fields: on average there were 48 weeds/m sq in 7 organic fields that covered or provided shade to roughly 7.7% of the field (Table 2).
  • Pigweed was the most common species and constituted 31% of all weeds found (Figure 1).
  • The most common herbicides applied were bentazon (Basagran) on 75% of field sites, EPTC (Eptam) 67%, and imazamox (Raptor) 58% (Figure 3).
  • Four herbicides were applied to 43% of the sites (Figure 4).
  • Raptor and other premixes containing imazamox were applied to 50% of the sites and 52% of the acreage surveyed.
  • Bentazon was applied to 65% of the sites and 69% of the acreage surveyed.