TitleSpecialty fruit production in the Pacific Northwest: adaptation strategies for a changing climate
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsHouston, LL, Capalbo, S, Seavert, C, Dalton, M, Bryla, DR, Sagili, R
JournalClimatic Change
Date PublishedApr

Specialty fruit crops represent a substantial portion of the value of agricultural production in the Pacific Northwest. Climate change may threaten water sources, lengthen the dry season, raise temperatures during both the winter chilling period and the growing season, and facilitate the spread of fungal diseases and insects. Such changes have the potential to substantially reduce net returns due to increased input costs and altered yields and product quality. Many management strategies that are already being used to prolong growing seasons in marginal production areas and to improve production and quality in established production regions may also be useful as adaptation strategies under a changing climate. These strategies mostly involve moderating temperatures and controlling or compensating for mismatches between phenology and seasonal weather conditions.