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Department of Horticulture

Horticulture is about managing plants for human sustenance and lifestyle. The teaching, extension, and research programs within our Department focus on providing scientific information is to improve horticultural production systems that contribute to our everyday lives through food and landscapes.

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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Horticulture is about getting directly engaged in plant production. From internships and student research, clubs, extension programs to international study-abroad experiences, we will get you into the real world of horticulture and explore its diversity. In addition, Therapeutic Horticulture courses moved to Oregon State University help prepare students to register with the American Horticulture Therapy Association (AHTA).

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The Future of Horticulture

Given the diversity of our Department and its ties to industry in Oregon and beyond, the future is strong. We touch the lives of many who work with and enjoy horticultural products, from breeding programs to develop new cultivars of food crops and ornamentals to improved management strategies for golf courses, vineyards, fruit trees, hazelnuts, berry crops, and home gardens alike. Furthermore, our Department includes entomology teams who work with pollinators and pests to understand their roles and ecosystem services. 

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Our Students

Le'Waski Watkins with Hemp

Le'Waski Watkins | Horticulture and Crop & Soil Science | Tuscaloosa, AL

CAS Leadership Academy | First Generation College Student | Class of 2023

Ty Seely | Class of 2018 | Hillsboro, OR

Double Degree | Horticulture | International Studies

In the News

Prune summer-bearing red raspberries by taking out the dead fruiting canes in the late summer. From January through early March, when plants are dormant, remove all weak, broken and diseased canes to crown or soil level.Betsy Hartley/OSU Extension Service

Raspberries and blackberries need care in late winter and early spring to thrive

Caneberries should be fertilized in the early spring when new growth is starting, explained Amanda Davis, berry crops research assistant with...

The Purple Tomato, a genetically modified crop created by Norfolk Plant Sciences, is available to home gardeners to start from seed.

A genetically modified purple tomato is now available to home gardeners

Genetic modification in the lab isn't the only way to ...

Ramesh Sagili

OSU bee expert named to new USDA pollinator subcommittee

Ramesh Sagili, an Oregon State University bee expert, has been appointed to a new pollinator subcommittee for the USDA National Agricultural...

Hazelnut trees in Oregon's Willamette Valley are facing a new strain of Eastern Filbert Blight that can defeat resistance to the pathogen that's been bred into new cultivars.  Ken & June’s Hazelnuts

Resurgent EFB pathogen overcomes Oregon hazelnut tree defenses

Reports of worrisome symptoms prompted OSU to conduct a test last year that has verified the strain affects otherwise resistant hazelnut...

Oregon State University Releases Exciting New Hazelnut Variety, Thompson

Oregon State University has a world renowned hazelnut breeding program, and the newest variety, Thompson, has recently been released. Thompson...