West of Cascades

Using the Pre-Sidedressing Soil Nitrate (PSNT) ‘Quick Test’ to Guide N Fertilizer Management in Sweet Corn (2013)

The following is a method for cheaply and quickly determining a soil’s nitrate status for the purpose of determining the midseason sidedress fertilizer rate for sweet corn. For information on the pre-sidedress nitrate test (PSNT), see OSU’s nutrient management guide EM 9010-E (Sweet Corn- Western Oregon). The ‘Quick Test’ (QT) has been in use for years in the Salinas Valley of California with good results. Compared to a traditional laboratory test, it is cheaper and test results can be obtained within hours of sample collection. Although this method is semi-quantitative, results from the QT are well correlated with laboratory results.

2010 Evaluation of Fungicides for the Control of Dollar Spot on a Colonial Bentgrass/Annual Bluegrass Fairway


The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the effectiveness of repeated applications of various formulations of chlorothalanil at two rates, Tourney 50, and two fungicide rotations in controlling dollar spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa) on a colonial bentgrass (‘Bardot’)/annual bluegrass fairway.

Sustainable Landscape Management

Tom Cook, retired OSU turfgrass professor, has published a new book detailing the construction and maintenance of sustainable landscapes! The book includes topics such as sustainable landscape design, how to develop an ecosystem, issues regarding the use of chemicals, and approaches for modifying existing lancescapes.  The book can be purchased from Amazon: Sustainable Landscape Management: Design, Construction, and Maintainence!

Golf Economic Impact

Oregon's Golf Economy Estimated at $1.2 Billion; Contributes More than 27,000 Jobs

Representing the Golf Alliance of Oregon (GAO), Barb Trammell, CEO of the Oregon Golf Association unveiled the results of an economic impact study at Stone Creek Golf Club in Oregon City in mid-October 2010. The research study was conducted on behalf of the Golf Alliance of Oregon, a consortium of the major trade and consumer golf associations.

2008 Perennial Ryegrass and Annual Bluegrass Tolerance to Citrus Oil, Worry Free Moss & Algae Control, Garden Safe Moss and Algae Killer, and Lilly Miller Moss-Out Applications to Control Moss in Lawns

Oregon State University; Dr. Robert Golembiewski, Assistant Professor; Tom Cook, Associate Professor; Brian McDonald, Research Assistant; Final Report; May 21, 2008 (updated 9/8/10)