Oregon's tree fruit and nut industries bring many benefits to Oregonians, including a variety of healthful foods to consumers and jobs to rural communities. At Oregon State University, we emphasize the integration of biology, ecology, genetics, economics, and technology to create high-value fruit and nut crops to ensure the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of these industries and communities. To learn more about the work of OSU faculty, choose Outreach/Extension or Research.

Learn more about pear, hazelnut, apple and sweet cherry production in Oregon, and explore what other tree fruits and nuts are grown in the state.

In The News

Image of cherries in a bucket

Cherry harvest proves a success despite weather challenges

“It has been another strange year in the cherry world but most growers in Wasco County seem pleased with harvest this year,” said Ashley...

What chemicals attract filbertworm to hazelnuts

Betsey Miller, OSU Horticulture Instructor/Researcher discusses her latest research on filbertworm. But what exactly attracts filbertworm to...


Like a Fine Wine Varietal, Each Hazelnut is Unique

At about the same time, Oregon State University (OSU) started to release new varieties bred for the much larger world kernel market. These new...

Photo of dark hazelnuts.

Oregon hazelnuts rebound after fierce ice storm

Nik Wiman, an orchard specialist at Oregon State University, said newer varieties of hazelnut trees proved more resilient in the ice storm as...


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